I've added a comment system for the blog articles that is hopefully mysql injection free.

Comments can be viewed by either clicking on the article title or by clicking the comment link on the bottom of each article.

Comments can be made by viewing the article and filling out the form at the bottom of the page. All fields except "Comment" are optional.


We have ressurected the randomosity freebuild server at the ip freebuild.randomosity.net.

We are using several mods including furniture, microblocks, and worldedit. As a result of this, you will need to use the technic launcher to connect. You can get that here.

Once you have downloaded the Technic Launcher, run it and log in using your minecraft username and password. Once logged in, scroll down to the add a modpack option, and paste the following url:


Then hit play and enjoy.

This one should appear first!

This page now loads blogposts from the database! That means that you are viewing a glorified test post. Hurray!

Over the next month, we'll be screwing fixing this section of the site up.

You can already see the fruits of my 15 minutes of labor in columnizing the layout. Even though this may appear to be a php generated page, it's all strait HTML written in nano. I'm not too happy with the look as it is, but I do like how fast it loads. The overall plan is to keep the site easy on the browser and eventually integrate all of the available features into this page. Long term goals include putting a forum of some sort up and getting a blog going.

In the way of news, the minecraft server is down until further notice. Mumble is up, and you can ask RCM about his Tekkit classic server.